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Outdoor League

Outdoor League Table

Rules for Outdoor League

This is an outdoor league for Manual Goalkeepers. We are currently accepting new players. Scores will add up for each game played.

General settings:

5 minutes each half
Stadium: Any
Weather conditions: Any
For each home game played for each player, an away game will follow for the same two Players, and vice versa.

Please record the scores as follows:

Full time score
1st half score
2nd half score
The players who scored
The number of goals for each scorers.
The date of the game is played.

If you can't read the scorers' names, take a screenshot and I will do that.

This is an honest system, so whoever posts the scores is assumed to be submitting them as they were. If anyone sees errors to a result, let me know.

This table may not be up to date. For the latest one, check the spreadsheet here.

Last update: Game #10
+11ShuuMarinos 84040333218
-12ZombieCerezo 63021282627
03JakGamba 620402023-34
2pts for win; 1 pt for extra time loss; 0 pts for loss.

Match details to be posted later.


H = Home
A = Away
GP = Games played
W = Win
D = Draw
L = Loss
ETL = Extra time loss
GF = Goals for
GA = Goals against
GD = Goal differences (or +/-)
Pts = Points
Player = participants of the league
player = team members of a club

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