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Outdoor League Rules

I need to clarify the rules, as some players don't understand.

Game settings:

  • Stage: Outdoor
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Stadium: any
  • Weather: any
  • Referee: any
  • Club: No switching clubs (or teams)
  • Goal Keeper: Manual


The following is necessary to record down for each match. Either Player will be responsible.

  • Date that the game is played
  • Home side player
  • Away side player
  • Full time score
  • 1st half score
  • 2nd half score
  • Extratime score (if any)
  • Scorers of both teams
  • Number of goals scored by each player
  • *Screenshot if the game if any of the above cannot be done

If there are any PKs, just simply finish the PK with either side winning, because we will not consider PK victories. In this case, we only complete the PK to obtain the screenshot for the final result.

Both players who result in a draw will get 1 point.


H-Shuu 2-3 (1-1, 1-1, 0-0, 0-1) Jak-A
Shuu goals: acosta 2
Jak goals: gilhaus 2, mladenovic 1

In the above example, the score is simply:
(1st half scores, 2nd half scores, 1st half extra time scores, 2nd half extra time scores)

Later I will provide a link to submit your scores.

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